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Feature: 2 порта с независимыми настройками
Application 1: Для организации передачи аналоговых интерфейсов FXS с использованием технологии VoIP

Submodule SMR-17VS is designed to be installed on the MR-17V module-motherboard, which is a part of the SG-17R universal multiservice platform; is used for setting up FXS interfaces to link up subscriber equipment, namely telephone sets, modems, fax machines.


Technical characteristics

  • SMR-17VS general parameters:
    • Number of FXS channels on one submodule: 2
    • Connector type: RJ-11
    • Battery voltage, V: 48
    • Call voltage amplitude, V: 65
    • Max load, REN: 3 
    • Two-wire termination impedance, Ω: 600
  • System interface parameters
    • Electrical joint type: 40+10 contacts, proprietary
    • Max number of submodules installed on one MR-17V motherboard: 4
  • Operation mode:
    • Data multiplexing – TDM: available
    • Data routing: available
    • Max number of submodules installed on one SG-17R*: 16
  • Codecs:
    • High quality: G711 (A-law)
    • High speed: G729
    • Full VoIP codec stack support option
  • Other characteristics
    • Module size (with the lath):
      • Height, mm: 9
      • Width, mm: 32
      • Depth, mm: 98
    • Weight, g: 22
    • Power consumption, W: 2,2
  • Service conditions
    • On the SG-17R tub together with MR-17V module
    • Air temperature: 10 – 40 °С
    • Relative air humidity: up to 85%
    • Air pressure: 84 – 107 kPa


 Submodule SMR-17VS features 2 FXS interfaces (foreign exchange system) for linking up subscriber lines from PBXs. 

Interface of this type provides the following services:
  • Ready-to-dial signal
  • Voltage for subscriber equipment 
  • Dialing signal
  • Tone-dialing detector
Submodule SMR-17VS transmits data using IP-technology. The equipment transforms analog data into digital and forms packets to be sent over IP-network, which provides the following options, when used within SG-17R base platform:
  • Using existing IP-networks for data transmission
  • Setting up multipurpose traffic within the chosen data channel
  • Managing traffic within the chosen transmission channel, both using QoS and dedicating a fixed band for IP-traffic
  • Transmitting data through heterogeneous media, like optics, EM waves, satellite signals, which require data routing at junctions
  • ransmitting data over various interfaces (Ethernet, SHDSL, E1, RS232) without additional equipment
Submodule SMR-17VS may operate installed on the SG-17R base platform, combined with other submodules, namely SMR-17VO (FXO), SMR-17VS (FXS), installed on the same or different MR-17V* module-boards.
Software for VoIP modules based on SG-17R base platform:
  • Setting up operation modes for VoIP-modules over web-interface
  • Codecs: g711 (aLaw and uLaw) – 64 kbit/s, g723 – 6,4 kbit/s, g729 – 8 kbit/s, g729e, g726 (at 16,24,32 and 40 kbit/s), iLbc (at 13.33 kbit/s)
  • T.38 support (for facsimile messages)
  • Alteration of transmission-frame, codec identificator in the rtp-stream (payload) and the order of bit-packing (aal2 or rtp) for g726
  • Prioritization of codecs
  • Independent setup for such channel characteristics as: dtmf transmission type (in-band, out-of-band (rfc2833), both or none), payload when using rfc 2833, volume when signal coding/decoding, activity sensor (VAD), HPF (high-pass filter)
  • Determining sip-uri and the registration server for linkup to a remote sip-address during operation time (the coming calls will be redirected to the chosen FXS channel)
  • “Hotline” option (for FXS channel it means that the call we directed to the chosen address the second the telephone handset is lifted; for FXO channel it will mean redirecting the call from PBX)
  • Telephone book


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